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Online coaching is an increasingly popular way for fitness professionals to either shift entirely away from the gym floor, or to add an extra income stream to their fitness business. Advances in technology are what have really enabled this to happen, so we took a look at some of the best apps for online coaches.

There are literally thousands more apps you could use, these are just a few that we have used. We’d encourage you to trial them before committing as they may not be right for you, take advantage of free trials and offers to work out what suits you.

Apps are great ways to streamline your business and provide a more user-centred approach to your clients. Sometimes it can be beneficial to use numerous apps to perform different roles but be mindful of keeping it simple for your clients and always welcome feedback to make informed decisions. You also want to keep your costs under control!

So what are our 6 best apps for online coaches…

1. My PT Hub

If you’re going to choose just one app this should be it. It may not be the single best for programming, selling, organising or communicating, but it does do a really good job of all of them. It is also designed for regular PT’s too, so if you still work on the gym floor and do some online coaching, this is a great way to manage both lines of your business.

Their intuitive workout builder enables you to build individual workouts that you can then add to different programmes, making it easy to tailor programmes to different clients without having to redo all the work each time.

You can easily create nutrition plans with macros and calories automatically calculated for you, and it makes it super easy to track your clients nutrition progress.

You can add custom branding, bill clients directly from the software, integrate with wearable tech, manage your calendar, hold clients accountable, track client progress and loads more.

Of all the apps out there, this is one of the best apps for online coaches!

Cost: £49 per month flat fee for as many clients as you want and all features, or £42 if you pay annually.

The Create Pro Membership includes your own MyPTHub account within the £35 monthly cost, so if you’re considering using it then you’re best off getting it through us for cheaper with all the other benefits of membership included too!

2. Truecoach

If you want a separate app just for programming, this is our favourite. It does not have all the other features of MyPTHub but if you’re just after the best programming tool, this is the best on the market in our opinion.

The simple user interface means you save loads of time designing programmes and the library of exercises is pre-populated with thousands of exercises each with their own instructional video to support your clients. It is customisable so you can showcase your own brand, and it is versatile for use with individuals or groups making it easy to scale your business. These features make it one of the best apps for online coaches when it comes to programming.

Pricing is in $USD and is tiered based on the number of clients you have. $25/month up to 5 clients, $59/month up to 20 clients, $119/month up to 50 clients. If you want to pay annually you’ll save up to 24%.

3. My Fitness Pal

A large part of the role of an online coach is helping clients with their nutrition. As discussed above, MyPTHub does a great job of nutrition tracking, but if you want a standalone app just for nutrition tracking, MyFitnessPal is definitely one of the best apps for online coaches to use with their clients.

The free version includes the majority of the features you and your clients will need, however they have recently moved some of the useful free features into their paid subscription. The most notable of which is the barcode scanner which enables you to scan the barcode of any food item and it will automatically enter the nutritional information for that item.

The cost of the premium service is £15.99 per month or £64.99 per year.

4. Nudge

This is another great coaching app, predominantly geared towards delivering programmes at scale to large groups. It has great features for keeping clients accountable and tracking their progress, in particular through great connectivity with wearable fitness trackers. The app can be completely white labeled (for a hefty price tag) to your own branding and has great community building features built in too.

If you’re keeping their branding, it is free for the first 5 users, $60/mo up to 50 users and $100/mo up to 100 users.

5. Canva

Managing your own online coaching business can require a fair bit of design skill too. Luckily Canva is one of the best apps for online coaches making it super easy to put together professional looking designs in no time.

The free version has everything you need to get started, however the Pro version does include some handy tools to make life a bit easier. Such as storing your brand colours for easy access, premium content and tools to help make your designs look even better. At £10.99/mo we think it is a worthwhile upgrade, but you’ll definitely be able to get started for free!

6. Quik

There is a lot to video editing, and we are far from professionals, but this app makes it super easy to quickly put together slick videos ideal for use on social media or compiling photos into more of a reel. Very easy to use, but if you’re wanting something with more options then other platforms would perhaps be better suited like iMovie etc but if all you’re after is simple then this is a great option.


When first starting out in any business it is important to try to keep your costs down, so try to use free versions and free trials to get you started before committing to a bunch of expensive software. That being said, these apps are designed to make your life easier and your customer journey better. We’d recommend My PT Hub as one of the best apps for online coaches, as it does a lot of what other apps charge for separately.

If you’re looking for help with online coaching, whether it be picking up new clients, retention, systems and processes, programming or anything else check out our Pro Membership which includes courses that cover all these topics.

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