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How To Use Our Free Online Calorie Calculator

Use our calorie calculator to work out your (or your client’s) recommended calorie intake. It also provides information on BMR and a macronutrient breakdown. 

BMR is calculated using your body metrics. Your recommended calorie intake takes into account your activity levels and goals. The macro breakdowns are adjusted based on your goals and body type.

Our calorie calculator will give you all the information you need to devise a nutrition plan. Designing, implementing and adhering to your new diet is the hard bit. Our courses provide you with all the knowledge required to design an effective plan, our extra nutrition resources also include tons of healthy recipes and calorie and macro guides to your favourite restaurants. 

The most important factor to help you stick to your plan is to track everything. We recommend using MyFitnessPal, it makes it super easy to track your nutrition, however we don’t recommend using their exercise tracking because your results to this calculator already incorporate your activity levels.

To track activity we recommend using an app specifically for that or a wearable such as an Apple Watch, Garmin or Whoop. Or you can go with the good old fashioned logbooks, this is actually our preferred method, you can buy one of our logbooks here.

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Best Online Calorie Calculator

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Kavan Jukes
Kavan Jukes
I started the course with very limited knowledge with gym instructing and have finished the course with a much more vast amount of knowledge than i thought possible given how quickly it went. Thanks to the amazing help from Josh and the other CreatePT. staff, i now have a career path in mind which is something i didnt have before. Would highly recommend CreatePT to anyone wanting to get into instructing and will deffo he looking to use them again when i do my level 3.
Josh at creatept has been amazing in providing me full support in achieving my qualification. I honestly believed this would be very difficult however the support and the tools provided were more than enough to get me through it. Would highly recommend! Theory side is very online based which I enjoyed and you have enough time to achieve this.
Aaron Hunt
Aaron Hunt
Switched providers to CreatePT because the last provider kept messing around and did not have up to date information and courses. CreatePT have been very helpful throughout the course so far and have been easy to work with!
Luke Cudby
Luke Cudby
Fantastic service. The online learning platform makes qualifying convenient and easy - this is a blessing whilst trying to juggle full time work with studying. I recommend Create PT to anyone looking to complete a personal training qualification. The best in the business!!
Paul Amestoy
Paul Amestoy
Create pt and Josh in particular supported me fully throughout the course. The course is well written and Josh is a great teacher. Would recommend create pt to anyone
nat pledger
nat pledger
Fantastic company , team and people here to help you develop , learn and grow . Always on hand for help, and there was never a silly question that you could ask in their eyes, very professional, with a friendly attituded . 100% recommend they guys to any one wanting to get in to the fitness industry.
Christopher Guyatt
Christopher Guyatt
Great care and attention to detail through the course. You are given 100% attention when ever needed and the tutors help guide you to your qualifications!
natalie brown
natalie brown
Cannot thank Josh at the team at create PT enough for all the amazing support and guidance I have had with my course. Will be recommending them to everyone who wants to start there fitness journey to become a personal trainer They are best!!
Marilyn Morgan
Marilyn Morgan
Nice gym very friendly. Very helpful with the Pilates course that I just finished.
Josie Winfield
Josie Winfield
Excellent service 🙂 Just finished my level 2 qualification, great support from Josh throughout the course. Really useful having him available via phone, email and in person for any questions that came up. I felt well prepared for the exams and can't wait to get my level 3 done now!

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