our support doesn't stop at the qualification

Our service doesn’t stop when you receive your qualification. We have an in-house recruiter to help you find the perfect role, and thanks to our partnerships with leading gym brands, we can guarantee you interviews across the country.

Roles Your Qualification Can Help You Acquire

Once qualified, there are a range of opportunities available to you. The most common positions that your qualification will help you to secure are:

  • Employed Personal Trainer
  • Self Employed Personal Trainer
  • Gym Office Role / Hybrid Role
  • Class Instructor
  • Online Coach
Some opportunities you can see further into your career:
  • Gym Management Roles
  • Gym Owner
  • Specialised Coach
  • PT Course Tutor

We're Here To Help

Our team has decades worth of fitness industry experience; let us dinosaurs use our ancient wisdom to guide you in the right direction to begin your career. 

If you need any advice / guidance or have any questions, the Create PT team are on hand to help you find the correct answers. 

You’re not on this journey alone, we’re here to help you every step of the way! Even once you’re qualified, you’re guaranteed interviews with the best gyms in the country. 

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guaranteed interviews

We have partnerships with the biggest gyms across the UK. These strong relationships allow us to guarantee interviews for our learners post qualification. When you’re nearing completion of your course we’ll work with you to secure relevant interviews. Our partners include:


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  • Full price guide (Including breakdowns of our interest free finance packages)
  • How we can help you to build your career beyond your qualification 
  • Details about the workshops that we offer
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