Level 3 Award in Supporting Pre and Postnatal Clients with Exercise and Nutrition

mfpjovy · July 8, 2021

Physical activity is known to be part of a healthy lifestyle and many women wish to pursue an active lifestyle during pregnancy as well as into the postnatal period, whether they are an experienced exerciser or a newcomer. Upon becoming pregnant, many regular exercisers wish to continue participating in their chosen activities without fear of harming themselves or their baby.

In past years, women were often urged to ‘take it easy’ and to cut back on or avoid exercise during pregnancy. In addition , the ever-changing nutritional advice made food choices very confusing for pregnant clients.

However, in more recent years there has been a surge of research, and strong evidence now exists that, not only can exercise be safe during pregnancy, it can actually have a positive effect on the health of both mum and baby. The UK National Health Service now provides clear guidelines on dietary needs and supplementation during pregnancy and for those considering becoming pregnant.

This qualification will give you the current knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to support pre and postnatal clients with both safe and effective exercise adaptation and current nutritional advice.

The manual is broken up into 2 units:

  1. Physical activity, health and nutritional considerations for pre and postnatal clients
  2. Programming safe and effective exercise sessions for pre and postnatal clients

Best of luck with your studies!

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