Create PT Confirming the Identity of all Learners Procedure


The Centre takes the identity of learners and their progress through their chosen Create PT programme seriously. Therefore, in line with Active IQ requirements we are required to confirm the identity of all our learners.

When enrolling on a Create PT program, you must send us photo identification. This is to ensure that the person enrolled on the course is in fact the person taking part in the practical assessments.

This is very important as you cannot take a practical assessment without sending us photo identification.

We accept copies of driving license or passport. (A clear photograph sent via email is sufficient).

Create PT is committed to ensuring individual privacy for everyone who is a member of our program and ensures compliance with the Data Protection Acts of 1984 & 1998 which are designed to ensure that any data you provide us is processed fairly and lawfully, and with due care. The security of your data is important to us and we take care to use technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized or unlawful processing or disclosure. By registering with Create PT, we will request minimal personal information, such as date of birth, gender, contact details, so we can respond to your course requirements.

Thank you for your contribution and commitment to making our procedure work.