Five Fitness Brands To Watch

It’s always useful to know which brands within the fitness and wellness sectors are making waves, coming up with innovative ideas and doing great things in the industry. When you’re building your own brand, inspiration can strike from anywhere and it’s a good idea to keep abreast of product launches, marketing campaigns and social efforts that have been successful recently. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to emulate something similar.

Here are five fitness brands we’ll be watching and you probably should be too.


Of course, Peloton are a very well-known name within the spin bike world, but they enjoyed a huge spike in bike sales during the pandemic. A big part of this could be because gyms and fitness centres were closed and therefore people were buying Pelotons to use at home. However, they also developed a very successful digital strategy. Their app saw a wave of new content including dance cardio workouts, family fun options and better connectivity with Apple Watch.

They also put their customers’ safety and concerns first by making ‘threshold delivery’ of their bikes the norm and their retail staff were ready to take calls from their influx of new customers. 

Peloton have had a rough time since the world reopened post Covid, the drop in new and recurring users lead to a huge drop in their share price from a peak of $162.72 to the current price of $14.60. This bargain price has sparked takeover rumours from Apple, Amazon and Nike…if any of these giants were to get their hands on the company then we should expect big things!

Bluefin Fitness

Bluefin Fitness are a family-run business with very humble beginnings, who are now the number one supplier of massage vibration plates in the UK. They also have a range of other home gym equipment such as treadmills, bikes and rowing machines with fantastic reviews from their customers. Their products are easy to use and versatile, so they’re ideal for beginners or if you’re just starting to build your own home gym.

They have doubled their staff over the last year and are dedicated to developing innovative products and providing excellent customer service.

We’re excited to see what new products Bluefin bring out and how they continue to encourage reluctant gym bunnies to try working out!


Founded in Finland, Oura produce a tiny, innovative activity tracker that effectively measures body temperature changes. This meant that organisations such as the NBA and the WNBA used Oura when making the decision to return to professional sport after the pandemic.

Oura’s Smart Ring is now even part of research to predict COVID-19 outbreaks early. Oura also launched a platform for monitoring group health by partnering with research teams in the US.

It’s likely that Oura’s contribution to illness detection research will become invaluable to future scientific and medical work and we can’t wait to watch them grow!


Almost every brand is now looking at how they can become more sustainable because we all really need to start looking at our plastic use. Chilly’s produce stylish, reusable water bottles that keep water cold, ensuring you stay hydrated and refreshed while working out.

Chilly’s have expanded their collection to coffee cups, food pots and shopping bags while staying true to their mission to fast-forward the everyday use of reusable products.

Last summer, Chilly’s donated £250,000 worth of their bottles to NHS frontline workers and we’re looking forward to seeing what other social endeavours they embark on.


Dubbed as ‘the smartest home gym ever’, Tonal is an innovative strength-training system that uses AI and 17 sensors to give you a varied workout and feedback on how you’re doing. It saw a surge in new customers during the pandemic when people couldn’t have much contact with their personal trainers and were confined to their homes.

They currently only serve US customers, but they could expand internationally in the near future. The technology that Tonal uses is something that every fitness professional should be aware of, so that they can offer something more than an AI-powered machine.

We’re intrigued as to where Tonal will take their innovative system next!

So, those are five brands that we think every aspiring (and professional) personal trainer should have on their radar. Think about how you can offer your customers more than the standard service, how you can help your local community and maybe even contribute to alleviating the wider world’s problems. If you’re yet to qualify as a personal trainer you can check out our courses here.

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