Mental Health Awareness Online Course for Personal Trainers


This course provides you with the required knowledge and understanding of mental health awareness with 2 lessons included made up of mental health awareness and mental health first aid.


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Mental Health Awareness Course

With one in six adults experiencing a common mental health problem every week and suicide being the biggest killer of young men in the UK, there is a clear need for an increased understanding of an issue which affects the lives of so many people.

By increasing awareness and learning mental health first aid skills, we can help friends, family and colleagues and even save a life.

This qualification combines both theoretical elements and practical application. It aims to increase awareness of mental health, including what it is, how it can change and how common ill mental health is and to reduce stigma and discrimination.

In addition to this, the qualification also equips you with the basic skills to carry out the procedures of mental health first aid and be able to respond appropriately when others are experiencing a mental health crisis.

The course is broken up into 2 mandatory Lessons:

  1. Mental health awareness
  2. Mental health first aid

The course has been designed to be as interactive as possible and therefore you will find a number of ‘Discussion’ and ‘Activity’ boxes.

You are encouraged to take part in the discussions as a way sharing your increasing awareness of mental health and by engaging with others in discussing this important topic, you are reducing stigma.

The activities within the course are wide-ranging and may include reading articles or watching videos which require you to access the internet, as well as tasks which help reinforce what you have learnt or knowledge checks.

Within the mental health first aid unit, you will also find case study scenarios in which you will be asked to apply the knowledge and skills that you will have learnt.


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