Spinal Gym Injuries Course For Personal Trainers


The course contains the following modules:

  • Common injuries overview
  • Training with an injury
    • Problem solving the deadlift
    • Problem solving the squat
    • Problem solving the overhead press
  • Injury prevention and rehab techniques

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Spinal Gym Injuries Online Course

We have teamed up with the experts at Physio Matters to deliver this series of CPDs on overcoming gym injuries. These courses are written by the team at Physio Matters with gym professionals in mind, enabling you to keep your clients training even in the unfortunate occurrence of an injury.

It can be so frustrating as a personal trainer to lose a client due to an injury, often it is unnecessary for them to stop training altogether. You need to know as a fitness professional how to help rehabilitate and manage their injuries so they can keep training, and when it is something that should be referred to the professionals.

These courses are ideal for the following fitpro’s:

  • Committed
    • Become the best trainer for all your clients, injured, uninjured, those in pain and those not in pain!
  • Frustrated
    • Losing Clients to pain or injury affects the bottom line and keeps you on the search for new client!
  • Increase Offering
    • Maximise your offering and appeal by training injuries, arthritis or creating injury prevention programmes!

Physio Matters are known throughout the MSK (musculoskeletal) industry as the “Therapists that Therapists trust” and now they have distilled their experience and expertise into a training course for Fitness Professionals. No need to buy weird, unnecessary devices just adapt what you are already great at…Training Clients.


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