Quality Assurance Arrangements

Create PT monitors and evaluates all its systems, policies and procedures for the delivery of regulated qualifications to ensure they are in line with regulatory General Conditions of Recognition.

Continuous improvement is assured through ongoing monitoring, thus promoting public confidence in the quality of all our qualifications, products and supporting resources.

Prompt action is taken to address any weakness identified, and this monitoring forms part of our annual self-assessment activities.

Monitoring and evaluation activity must align to published regulatory criteria, against which all awarding organisations are recognised. For example the regulatory authorities will consider the extent to which:

  • There are systematic arrangements for monitoring and reporting on all aspects of Active IQ work in respect of regulated qualifications.
  • Rigorous self-assessment leads to identified priorities and challenging targets for improvement.
  • Prompt and decisive action is taken to maintain quality and standards.
  • Appropriate, prompt action is taken where monitoring of centres reveals critical weaknesses in processes or procedures.

Create PT will also monitor and evaluate the following to better inform our processes:

  • Malpractice / maladministration events.
  • reasonable assessment adjustment and special consideration requests.
  • Compliance with our customer service charter commitments.
  • The nature and number of enquiries and appeals.
  • External verification practice.