Online Personal Training Courses

Create PT is offering you the chance to enroll in a brand new, state-of-the-art online learning platform, dedicated to kickstarting your new career in fitness.

Featuring a wide range of certified personal training courses, you’ll be able to dive in, swim around and fill your mind with the wisdom of a qualified personal trainer – all from the comfort of your own home.

Easy to navigate and packed full of interesting, inspiring content to put you on the path to a new life, Create PT’s online learning platform is a welcome addition to the world of personal training education.

Whether you’re simply curious about what it takes or whether you’re serious about a career change into fitness, there’s a Create PT personal training course for you.

If you’ve been spending the last few months, or even years, with the burning desire to flex your mental muscles and embark on a personal training course, you couldn’t be making a better decision.

If you’re interested in fitness, leading a healthy lifestyle and want to pass that ethos on to others, a personal training course and subsequent career could be a useful addition to your CV.

In a world that is constantly demanding adaptation and flexibility from us, adding new strings to your bow is always a wise move.

Teach Yourself

You’ll be teaching yourself via the innovative online learning platform in your own home (or study place of preference!) and in your own time. Engaging guides and videos will help condense the information and provide vital visual cues to aid your learning. However, you may occasionally run up some questions that you simply need answers to.

All Create PT personal training courses are put together by highly qualified and experienced tutors, who will be on hand to make sure your learning process runs as smoothly as possible and offer you ample opportunity to soak up all of their wisdom. 

What You Can Expect

So, what can you expect to learn from a Create PT Personal Training Course? The short answer is everything that you need to know to become a fully trained, highly successful personal trainer.

Course Options

Course options include Knowledge Only, Foundation, Foundation Plus and All Inclusive online courses and Levels 2 and 3 Certificates in Personal Training, each with a set of modules designed to fully equip a budding trainer with the confidence to go out into the world and bag their own clients.

Course Topics

Topics cover areas such as anatomy and physiology, health and safety and nutrition with a plethora of Continuing Professional Development (CPDs) add-ons to choose from.

Knowledge Only

For anyone wanting to simply build their health and fitness expertise, there’s even a Knowledge Only course, so you can dip your toes into the world of personal training without fully committing to a whole new career.

With no pre-set assessment or exam dates for any of Create PT’s Personal Training Courses, you can embark on your exciting personal training journey entirely at your own pace.

A New Life.

Of course, a Create PT course and subsequent personal training career can lead to a new, fulfilling life.

We want to ensure that you’re not simply a qualified personal trainer but a successful one, which is why our courses’ extra content gives you the confidence to be able to deliver high quality training to your future clients.

As a personal trainer, we believe your learning should never end, which is why Create PT provides additional resources to qualified trainers to expand and build upon the course content. 


Although our personal training courses are aimed at future personal trainers, a multitude of doors are unlocked for you on completion of a Create PT course.

Depending on which course and CPDs you choose, the knowledge that you acquire could potentially act as a foundation to careers in nutrition, health and wellness or sports science.

If you’ve been thinking about taking steps towards any of these industries, a personal training course with Create PT could be that essential first foot forward.

Becoming a Personal Trainer ​can be hugely profitable in more ways than one:

Personal trainers play a huge role in improving and enhancing the lives of their clients.

By imparting your knowledge to them, they will go on to make life-long changes to their health and fitness regime.

Seeing them get the results that they want is highly rewarding and will put paid to all your hard work as their trainer.

It's Time to Start Your Journey

to becoming that inspiration and teacher that your future clients need today.

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