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On a mission to create the best fitness professionals in the industry. Create PT aims to be the most trusted hub for personal training education and information.

Core Values of create pt


Inspiration is the first step to begin the cycle of change.

We want to inspire all professions, ages and walks of life.  Without inspiration, it’s hard to begin transformation of any kind. The best way to start significant change is to inspire.


Motivation is keeping that fire lit day after day to keep improving yourself.

We aim to motivate you to take that first step towards furthering your education, to grow the confidence to put yourself out there and start a new career, and to help others realise their health and fitness goals.


Asides from health & fitness, our passion is education. 

Education to the highest standard is our number one priority. By constantly innovating and improving what we offer, we’ll help create the best professionals in the business.

Over 30 Years Combined Experience

The Create PT team has over 30 years of combined experience. We have seen the fitness industry from all angles, having worked as employed & self-employed PT’s, online coaches, class instructors and now through training others to become PTs. 
This breadth of experience has given us a well-rounded view of what it takes to become a successful Personal Trainer.
We have condensed all the knowledge we’ve learned over the years and combined it with the new Active IQ accredited syllabus to provide an industry-leading qualification.

We Believe In Virtual Learning

Students can access their course material at their own convenience through the intuitive online learning platform and app, and a helpful, friendly tutor with years of experience is always on hand to help.
By combing all the course material with hours of additional video content and useful resources, we believe the learning experience delivered through our platform rivals any in person teaching environment. Having such a huge range of resources at your fingertips 24/7 means you can learn on your own terms in your own time.



Level 3 Qualified PT
"This course is perfect, and I would highly recommend it. The content and assistance are second to none and I do not think there is a better company to start with."


Level 3 Qualified PT
"I cannot recommend Josh and the team enough with all the help they gave me during the course. Create PT is the course you want to trust with helping you achieve a qualification."


Level 3 Qualified PT
"I would definitely recommend Create PT if you want to start a new career in the fitness industry"

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We’ve built a list of reputable associates with whom we often collaborate; this may be in the form of a discount, promotion or another set-up to improve our learner experience. With also offer an impressive Member Discounts offering to all Create PT learners. 


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