What Are Clients Looking For in A Personal Trainer?

Given what it takes to be a personal trainer, it’s no surprise that following such a path can be both challenging and rewarding—especially in the UK, where the British fitness market is as lively as ever.

After completing your courses, you’re ready to jump head-first into the waters and help transform lives and build confidence. With many looking to get back into shape after extensive lockdown periods and gyms opening up, there’s no better time to be a personal trainer than today.

Now that you’re a personal trainer, it’s crucial to understand that your job revolves around helping your clients find personal success in their fitness journeys. This means coming prepared with all the necessary tools and knowledge so they can achieve their preferred outcome!

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What PT Clients Are Looking For

Many personal trainers focus on the fact that the industry provides the opportunity to do what they love. However, a crucial truth is that it is a field of service before anything else. Your clients should be your focus, and it’s essential to make sure that they get exactly what they pay you for.

If you want to ensure that clients flock your way and stick with you, here’s a checklist of expectations you should meet:


Clients nowadays are incredibly savvy, especially with so many resources available to them. And the first thing they will look for in any PT they work with is credentials.

Potential clients may want to know about your qualifications, where you’ve trained, and what exactly you specialise in. By enrolling in and featuring courses that are both in-demand and widely recognised—such as Create PT’s available options—you’ll get your foot in the door of lifetime partnerships!


When it comes to winning clients over and showing you’re a sure fit for their needs, nothing beats having a well-stacked portfolio of testimonials.

Testimonials from past clients you’ve worked with go a long, long way because of how well it shows your capabilities. Much like a financial forecast or business plan, a portfolio of the work you’ve achieved so far as a PT shows exactly what you can do for your potential clients and what their money gets them.


Clients in need of personal trainers also look for a sense of approachability, which will allow them to feel comfortable and confident enough to work towards progress.

After all, the role of a PT is much more hands-on compared to other individual services. This is why it’s critical that you can make your clients feel like they can trust you and come to you for every question and concern they have. By presenting yourself well, working on your people skills, and improving the way you communicate, you’ll be a total package that’s hard to ignore!


As a budding personal trainer with a passion for fitness and changing lives, it’s important to have a consistent influx of clients that you can work with and earn from. These critical factors mentioned above will help convince and convert as many clients as you can handle.

Getting qualified is the easy bit, once you get started you’ll need to apply all that learning. The hard skills such as technical knowledge and practical skills are only part of the battle. You’ll need to get comfortable approaching strangers at the gym and building rapport with them. Once you’ve converted clients you’ll then need to focus on retaining them.

If you’re looking to become a personal trainer, Create PT is the perfect place to start because we’ll help you learn the ropes. Check out our intuitive learning platform and app today!

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